Health & Safety


We have produced this information to make sure that you are aware of your responsibilities under Health & Safety legislation, as well as ours and those of the Company to which we send you.


The Client Company is required by law:

  • to treat you as if you were an employee for all health and safety matters. For example, the Company must make you aware of its Health & Safety Policy;
  • to carry out an assessment of health and safety risks and to put in writing the result of its assessment if the Company employs five or more people;
  • to tell you the name of its authorised Health & Safety representative. If you have any problems finding this out, contact your supervisor or the agency;
  • to ensure you are wearing the protective clothing and equipment suitable for the job you are going to do;
  • to record any accidents or injuries in the Company’s accident record book and if necessary tell the Health & Safety Executive.



The Agency is responsible for:

  • passing on to you any information provided by the Company on any qualifications and skills you will need to enable you to do the job safely - and any health and safety matters connected with the job.


You have a duty to:

  • assess any risks to your health and safety during your assignment. You are responsible for telling the Client Company about any dangers in the Client’s activities to ensure a safe workplace;
  • co-operate with the Client on health and safety matters, following all instructions to ensure a safe system of work;
  • take all reasonable steps to safeguard you own safety and that of any other person who may be affected by your actions;
  • report to the Client Company any injury or accident that occurs whilst you are on assignment to the Client.

You are responsible:-

  • for wearing any protective clothing and equipment you have been told to wear to carry out the assignment.
  • for advising us of any health problems that may affect your ability to carry out any work applied for.