GLA Licence Approved

Bamford all set to supply the Food Sector

"Bamford Contract Services Ltd's application for a Gangmasters Licensing authority (GLA) Licence has been approved and a licence has been granted".

As we reported in our March 2013 Newsletter , the recently anticipated GLA approval has now been received and the directors are delighted with the swiftness of the decision - only 3 days after our GLA Audit and with no changes required to any of our standard operating processes.

Managing Director Steve Berry comments," this is fantastic news and is testament to the absolute robustness of our operating and compliance procedures, staff training, our IT database and monitoring systems. It's also a credit to the highly motivated team at Bamford. Our clients will have absolute confidence in our service when placing orders for temporary and permanent staff to work withing the highly regulated food sector."

This is one of several strategic initiatives we are taking to ensure that Bamford remains a key supplier to commerce and industry in various sectors, both locally and throughout the North West to ensure our growth plans are achieved.

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