Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Updated 18.09.2020

We are back in the office and operating as close to "business as usual" as is possible within our new  Covid-Safe working environment for our staff and visitors.


Please, only visit us if you are invited to do so and note that wearing a face covering is a mandatory requirement.

Candidates should wherever possible still register or apply for jobs online and submit timesheets or other documentation to us by email, fax, or via WhatsApp/ text messages. 


We will continue to observe and implement social distancing and cleaning / sanitising measures to protect staff and customers at all times and will abide by any local additional restrictions of people movement. 

Below is a link to the NHS and Government Coronavirus web pages which are updated daily.

At Bamfords, our remote working procedures have been extremely successful enabling our staff to work from home. As restrictions were eased, we have recently implemented a staged return to the office with each staff member consulted on the safety measure we have in place to ensure that they are comfortable with our measures to provide a safe working environment.

To continue to minimise the risk of infection at our workplace, we are involving everyone in regular briefings as they are made available from the government and encouraging staff to follow all recommended guidelines such as regularly washing hands, cleanliness at work, social distancing and self-isolation if necessary. 

We have put up relevant NHS notices around the office and have provided staff with sufficient soap and where available hand gel/ sanitiser products. All hard surfaces and equipment are being regularly cleaned and sanitised such as door handles, telephones, computer keyboards etc. as well as toilet and kitchen facilities, even whilst the office remains closed.

Temporary workers who are currently on assignment or due to start must follow the general and Covid-19 health and safety instructions provided to them by our clients when attending work and of course follow government guidelines regarding handwashing, face coverings, social distancing at work  and self-isolation at all times – for everyone’s safety. 

We want to reassure our candidates and clients that we are operating as safely as possible, and, as far as possible, its business as usual. If you have any concerns about your work environment, please contact us right away.

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