Coronavirus (COVID-19)




OMICRON Variant - Reintroduction of certain RESTRICTIONS 

Since the Governments recent announcement of the re-introdcuctions of some restrictions on Sunday 12th December 2021 - "Plan B" , most of our office staff are now working from home in accordance with  the latest government guidelines , for the safety of our staff and visitors. The staff at the office will of course continue to work in a Covid-Safe way at all times.


 Visits to our offices will remain carefully controlled and strictly by appointment only. In all other respects we are operating our business as usual.


 Candidates can still register or apply for jobs online and submit timesheets or other documentation to us  by email, fax, or via WhatsApp/ text messages. This is by far the safest method of registration and document submission, which will remain in place until further notice.


We encourage all members of the local community to get vaccinated as soon as possible.


Below is a link to the NHS and Government Coronavirus web pages which are updated daily.

Within our office building, all hard surfaces and equipment are being regularly cleaned and sanitised such as door handles, telephones, computer keyboards etc. as well as toilet and kitchen facilities, even during periods when the offices remain closed.

Temporary workers who are currently on assignment or due to start must follow the general and Covid-19 health and safety instructions provided to them by our clients when attending work and of course follow government guidelines regarding handwashing, face coverings, social distancing at work  and self-isolation at all times – for everyone’s safety. 

We want to reassure our candidates and clients that we are operating as safely as possible, and, as far as possible, its business as usual. If you have any concerns about your work environment, please contact us right away.

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